The Legend of the Korean Fish Store

I grew up in Brooklyn and the area I originally lived in is called Midwood and I lived right off a street called Avenue M. It has always been a Jewish neighborhood and over the last 35 years, it’s become more Orthodox.

Proof of that is a fish store located on Avenue M, a block away from the elevated Q train. The fish store is owned by a Korean family and they’ve been around for more than 30- years. When they first opened in the 1980s, they sold fish, which was next to shellfish (which isn’t Kosher). A few years later, they relegated the shellfish to the opposite wall. Eventually, they got rid of the shellfish and started to be Shomer Shabbos (closed on Saturdays and all other Jewish holidays). In 2019, they are still around and doing well. They knew where the customer base of the neighborhood was heading and they adjusted. They didn’t stubbornly decide to keep to the status quo. They realized that the customer base was changing and they changed their operation to meet that changing demographic. They’re still in business while the greatest Greek diner that ever existed a few blocks away, Caravelle, is long gone.

As a plan provider, you need to be ahead in the game and identify where the potential customer base is going and make sure your services and pricing meet that need. make sure your services and pricing meets that need.

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