Plan Sponsors are Reactive, not Pro-Active

When I was at that semi-prestigious law firm many moons ago, I developed this plan review called the Retirement Plan Tune-Up. I’d look at the plan document, plan design, costs, the Fiduciary process, basically anything that the plan sponsor can grow at me and I’d do it for $750.

When I started my own law firm, I kept that program and even had brochures about it. I gave speeches at some great 401(k) Rekon events to tout them as well and I’ll be honest, maybe I’ve done about 10 of them in 12 years. The fact is that most plan sponsors tune out the need to take care of their plan and usually only take care of it when it needs to. Plan sponsors for the most part are reactive rather than pro-active. They don’t understand the threats to liability as a plan sponsor until it happens to them.

I’m not trying to mean or to denigrate Plan sponsors. The fact is they’re busy with running their business and they don’t understand the nature of fiduciary responsibility and the continued need for vigilance. Some plan sponsors, but most don’t and that is always going to be an uphill battle.

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