Business suicide by social media post is a thing

We live through troubling times and when we live through troubling times, people act very strangely on social media. I will never understand why a business owner will take to social media and crack jokes or make light of very terse political situations.

I’ve seen quite a few businesses implode with quickly developed apologies for social media posts that go wrong. For example, I saw a Maryland seafood restaurant owner with a hastily created (and not wisely) apology for cracking a joke about Black Lives Matters protesters and the welfare/food stamps office. This isn’t the time to be the next Don Rickles or to anoint yourself as a sociology expert.

People are angry and they have a right to be angry, just don’t let a misguided tweet or post make them angrier. I usually have empathy for people, but I have zero empathy for a business owner to weigh in on heavy political matters without the care it requires. As a former associate at a law firm working for an insufferable managing attorney, I nearly got fired for sending out an email to a former client of mine by trying to get their business. So I have zero empathy for a business or business owner that decides to post on social media without thinking of the consequences of what they post.

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