The new normal will be here for a while or will it?

The problem with the Coronavirus pandemic is that for every 4 medical experts, there seem to be 8 medical opinions. 

They say the virus can be killed by heat, then they say it can’t. They say it can travel 6 feet,26 feet, or it can’t travel it all. They say that social distancing may have to continue 2 months, 4 months, or 18 months. They say it came out of a wet market and they say it came out of a lab.

The problem with looking at potential ramifications from the virus on the 401(k) industry in the short or long term. Is that your guess is good as mine. It can be over in 2020 or it can take as long as getting a vaccine. What I do know is that you need to take a close look and identify any changes in the business landscape. You can’t afford to ignore an ever-changing landscape.

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