WealthPRIME has a winner with their software

As an ERISA attorney, I get asked to review new retirement plan tools and plan provider marketing tools. If the product is crap or a complete copy of what is already out there, I’m not going to recommend it.

WealthPRIME has developed a software and website that is a great plan provider tool when it comes to plan design. WealthPRIME launched a new retirement plan-focused software solution that allows financial professionals to attract high-net-worth individuals and small business owners, seamlessly track leads, and convert those leads with a highly customized, data-backed proposal system. In English, it allows you to plug in a prospect’s situations and develop a plan contribution formula that fits the prospective client’s needs. The weeks of waiting for a basic plan design from the actuary can be a thing of the past.

I tried out the website in a demo and I think if you are in the retirement plan sales business and wanty a tool to illustrate to clients what you can do on the plan design front as soon as possible, WealthPRIME might be the newest tool you want and need. Dan Harding, WealthPRIME’s founder will present at That 401(k) National Conference at Walt Disney World, March 10-11 and I’ve been advised that attendees will get a peek at what the site is all about.

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