Think of something new

When I was a synagogue vice president, I came up with new ideas for events because the old events that the synagogue kept on running attracted the same crowd over and over again. For the Friday night dinner, they would offer the same Sabbath chicken meal and it didn’t help that our caterer wasn’t very good since the beginning of time. I had a BBQ dinner in September and I also had a Chinese food dinner as well. There was more interest in the dinners and events that I offered because I offered something new. What worked well in 1979 may not work well today, so you should consider offering something different when it comes to holding events, whether it’s to get business or educate participants.

That’s how I came up with the idea of That 401(k) Conference by offering something different and unique for 401(k) advisors. I’ve been invited to too many regional conferences at the local hotel, eating rubber chicken. That 401(k) National Conference at Disney World will also have the uniqueness, that will allow it to stand out from other national events.

The same old, same old gets tired. Think of something unique and different in the events you aim to conduct.

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