My new book out: How to Succeed in the 401(k) Plan Business

I’ve been a very lucky person. Despite some hardships, whether it was high school or that certain law firm on Long Island, I’m very lucky to be able to achieve what I achieved in my own practice and this retirement plan business.

A big part of my business has been helping other retirement plan providers in starting and/or growing their business. Goodwill in this business goes a long way.

So to tell you the journey I went through to get to this point and to give plan providers advice on how to grow their retirement plan book of business, I am proud to announce that my Kindle e-book called How to Succeed in the 401(k) Plan Business: (and 401(k)’d: A Life) is available for purchase on right here.

If you don’t have access to a Kindle or Kindle for your computer or smart phone, a pdf version is also available for purchase for $9.95. Send me a paypal payment to my email (ary at . If you want an autographed, print version, the cost is $24.95 (paper costs money, sorry) and PayPal can be sent to the same email address. All profit from sales of the pdf and print copy will be 100% donated to charity.


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