Top 100 Most Influential in 401(k): #73

I’m the guy who doesn’t win popularity contests and I’ve had bosses who just didn’t see it the way I saw how things were changing in the retirement plan industry and the legal industry. So I’m a bit overwhelmed that I was named #73 on the Top 100 Most Influential People in 401(k) by I guess this one is for the underdogs and for the talented law firm associates with managing attorneys who couldn’t see talent if it was right in front of their face.

Seriously, I owe this recognition to all of you, my faithful readers. You can write great content with many allusions to Caddyshack and the Shawshank Redemption, but it means nothing if no one reads it. I knew when you write great stuff and no one reads it from my time in college and that certain law firm, so it’s all because of readers like you.

This recognition won’t go to my head because I don’t have a big enough ego because I don’t take myself too seriously (you know if you read my writing). I just want to point out that there is nothing wonderful about me. I’m just a guy who thought he could start a national retirement plan law practice based on social media and developing content that would develop relationships with clients, third party administrators, and financial advisors. I always thought that most retirement plan marketing wasn’t good and TPAs and financial advisors could use my articles to develop their book of business and that was going to be the door opener for me to develop relationships with people who could refer me business. This wasn’t brain surgery; it’s human nature to understand that if you scratch someone’s back, they will scratch yours. It was all about developing a connection and it has been a thrill to be able to connect with readers like you through this blog, all the articles on, and all the stuff on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook.

So all I can say it’s all about making a connection and I hope to continue to connect with you.

Plus this also a great plug for my Kindle e-book coming soon, “How To Succeed in the 401(k) Plan Business”.

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