Video Taping, Financial Advisors, and the need for Expertise

I am a child of the 1980’s and I had my Bar Mitzvah in 1985. When it came time to planning the event, we did what post families did in those days and were going to hire a videographer.

The problem was that in those days, anyone who could afford one of those large VHS camcorders thought that’s all they needed to be a videographer. The problem is that when we started looking at the work of some of these videographers, their videos looked like they were shot in my bedroom, late at night. There was poor editing, poor lighting, most of these videos looked like they weren’t good enough to be on cable access.

My parents remembered that their old friend, Simon, did some dabbling in video. It turns out that he was a videographer. Unlike his counterparts, his work was professional and well lit. He had the expertise to deliver a high quality production. While watching the VHS tape these days, we may laugh at some of his special effects, but they were cutting edge at the time.

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