Give them the tools to succeed

I had two friends running for political office this November and they were great guys. The problem was that their local political party didn’t give them the resources to succeed. When you have no campaign signs, ads, or literature, you don’t have the tools to succeed. You will fail without those tools.

Whoever you hire for a certain position, make sure they have the tools to succeed. Otherwise, don’t be surprised they fail. I always talk about my time at a certain Long Island law firm and how I failed to generate enough business because I didn’t have the tools to succeed. Upon leaving that firm, I gave myself the tools to succeed, and I’ve been doing OK. Freedom from a bureaucracy that shackled me was the reason I was able to succeed. I’ve seen too many salespeople and plan administrators fail at their jobs because they didn’t have bosses that supported what they needed.

Don’t guarantee failure, support your staff.

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