If you host it, maybe they will come

I had 3 That 401(k) Conferences postponed from 2020 and I wanted to reschedule them since I was holding on to plan provider sponsorship money and I already outlaid money for the venue, game tickets, and athlete appearances.

Last March, I rescheduled these events for September. I was in the midst of getting my vaccine shots and I figured that the pandemic would end. My grandmother always said it best, that life never goes to plan. Of course, we plan G-d laughs. The Delta variant put a snag in things and getting advisors to attend in-person live events is a struggle. I know that people who have planned bigger events for this time frame have experienced the same with attendance and unlike me, their bread and butter is revenue from live events.

That’s why I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to live events for 2022. The only scheduled event live right now is Las Vegas and hopefully, we can have some more live events in places like Seattle, Miami, Charlotte, and others. Time will tell. Planning live events now, expect lower attendance until this pandemic finally breaks.

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