Don’t get stuck in the past

I was a volunteer and officer for an organization where I stated that the leadership (not including me) was stuck in 1986.

What it meant was that this leadership couldn’t adjust to the current age when it came to recruiting new members and raising contributions. What worked well 30 years ago doesn’t mean it will work today.

I worked for a law firm that acted as if time stood still. I tried to use social media to generate discussions that would help me net clients, but the Managing Attorney didn’t get it even though her husband was doing the very same thing for his own law practice. She actually acted as if her husband was doing something that was embarrassing.

The point here is that the retirement plan business continues to evolve. Retirement plan rules change; the attitudes of plan sponsors change. The opportunity to get new clients changes. You need to be open to what’s new out there and determine what will work and what still works.

By the way, the best thing to happen in 1986 was the New York Mets. Thank you.

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