One way to treat clients right, make them comfortable

Going to the movies was never fun. The theaters were dirty and if you arrived late, then you’d end up in the front row plus the menu was limited to popcorn, candy, and hot dogs.

A funny thing happened: movie theaters realized that if they improved the overall experience, they can increase ticket sales even if they decide to pull out more seats to make way for reclining chairs. They also realized that if they add more items to their menu, they will sell more food. Some location even added a bar. Ever since my local AMC theater was updated with recliner seats and reserved ticketing, I’ve yet to go back to the other theaters with the old style seats.

Improving the comfort level of theatergoers will increase the likelihood, that they will come back and buy more tickets. It’s the same thing for your plan sponsor clients. Improving the experience where it’s easier for them to work with you is going to help increase the experience and maintain the client. That experience improvement could be technology, it could be something as simple as offering help with completing the census file or adding a free plan review from a well known ERISA attorney (cough, cough). Whatever it is, realize that comfort and ease goes a long way to maintaining that client.

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